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American Intellectual Property Law Association Quarterly Journal

The American Intellectual Property Law Association Quarterly Journal, a publication of the AIPLA, is housed at the George Washington University Law School and is edited and managed by an Editorial Board of intellectual property experts and a staff of law students under the direction of the Editor-in-Chief. The Journal is dedicated to presenting materials relating to intellectual property matters and is published four times per year.
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Chicago - Kent College of Law Journal of Intellectual Property
The Journal of Intellectual Property is published by students at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology. The Journal's mission is to present both in-depth analyses of fundamental issues affecting intellectual property rights, and timely, succinct analysis of current intellectual property issues.
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The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review
The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (STLR) deals with the exciting legal issues surrounding science and technology, including the Internet, biotechnology, nanotechnology and telecommunications law. Recent articles have discussed robust notice and informed consent in spyware legislation, the need for international regulation of nanotechnology, and the effect of a recent court decision on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Duke Law & Technology Review
The Duke Law & Technology Review (DLTR) is an online legal publication that focuses on the evolving intersection of law and technology. This area of study draws on a number of legal specialties: intellectual property, business law, free speech and privacy, telecommunications, and criminal law—each of which is undergoing doctrinal and practical changes as a result of new and emerging technologies. DLTR strives to be a “review” in the classic sense of the word. We examine new developments, synthesize them around larger theoretical issues, and critically examine the implications. We also review and consolidate recent cases, proposed bills, and administrative policies.
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Intellectual Property & Technology Forum at Boston College Law School
The Intellectual Property & Technology Forum at Boston College Law School is a legal publication dedicated to providing readers with rigorous, innovative scholarship, timely reporting, and ongoing discussion from the legal community concerning technology law and intellectual property. The Forum employs cutting-edge technology unique to networked publishing to supplement and expand upon the offerings of traditional legal journals. The Forum is designed, edited and published by students at Boston College Law School.
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Journal of Science & Technology Law
The Journal of Science & Technology Law (the Journal), publishes the best practical scholarship from experts in the areas of biotechnology, computers and communications, intellectual property, technology transfer and business law for technology-based companies.
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SMU Science & Technology Law Review
The SMU Science and Technology Law Review, formerly the Computer Law Review and Technology Journal, is a student-run and student-edited legal journal dedicated to publishing scholarly work exploring emerging legal issues in intellectual property, science and technology.
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Wake Forest Intellectual Property Law Journal
The Wake Forest Intellectual Property Law Journal publishes legal scholarship pertaining to a wide variety of topics within the field of intellectual property law. Academicians, practitioners, and students of the law look to the Journal as a source of current and historical analysis of developments in intellectual property law.
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Yale Journal of Law & Technology (YJoLT)
YJoLT is the only law review at Yale Law School to offer a fully interactive publication environment, as well as the only Yale law review to study the immensely important interaction between law and technology. We publish lectures and articles related to law and technology biannually.
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